nic storck

1 – How and when did you start reading comics?
As a horror/sci-fi junky from an early age, Clive Barker and V comics were my first foray into comics proper.
. 2 – When did you decide you wanted to be an illustrator ?
As soon as I could hold a pencil.
. 3 – Tell us a bit about your training process and what are your biggest influences ?
I was a self-taught illustrator and painter until I began animation studies in 2012. Previously I learned from imitation, experimentation and practice. Daniel Ouellette, Rembrandt, Dali, Jhonen Vasquez…
. 4 – What do you like most about your job as an illustrator / artist and least ?
Seeing my vision put to use telling stories, at the price of sporadic work and inconsistent pay.
. 5 – Why did you decide to join the project Twist webcomics comics?
I had done my own comics before in the late 1990’s, but couldn’t get them published for lack of funds, this was my chance to collaborate and get published.
. 6 – Could you explain a little your decisions when designing theprotagonist of the story ?
The protagonist for this story should have a gaunt, not unhandsome face and the disheveled look of a man lost at sea.
7.- Could you tell how muc you spent on average per page and what was your process when drawing them and how was your communication with the writer ?
Each page was about a week – 10 days (start to finish). Pages would have started as loose thumbnails, working out poses, shots and leading into more defined character designs and backgrounds. After collaborating with the author these drawings are scanned in and painted/textured in photoshop. The nuances of story flow, text placement and overall page layout are done with the author. This was the first comic I didn’t write myself, so there was a learning curve in trying to portray someone else’s vision.
. 8 – What is the page that you are most happy with the comic? Explain what and if there are SPOILERS notified .
I’d have to say it’s a tie between pages 3 & 4, I was trying out some new painting/lighting techniques and I was suprised when it turned out the way it did.
9 – . Which are your next projects or you’re working on right now ?
A story about the Raft of the Medusa. I’m also doing a short animated film on a runaway mental patient.
10 – . What is the work / illustration you’re most proud of?
My oil painting satire of the Vagina Dentata
11.- Returning to the subject of tastes and interests . What series of comics follow regularly ?
The Walking Dead, Anything by Charles Burns and Garth Ennis.
12.- If you knew that tomorrow starts the apocalypse is what would you do today?
Load up on psychedelics and go out like Huxley; consciously and beautifully.

13 – . What do you wish you were told when you received at the gates of heaven or hell ?

Nothing, I’ll be dead and unable to appreciate irony.

14 – . What is the best advice you can give?
I turn to William S. Burroughs: ‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted.’

15 – . If you could eliminate one thing in the world what would it be ?
16 – . Which expect good things to happen the coming months?
I’ll be able to finish my film, and high hopes for the TV adaptation of ‘Preacher’ comics.