1.-When and how did you start to read comics?

I guess in high school. I’ve been watching anime since I was a child, but I think I started with comics when I was a teenager.


2.-When did you decide that you want to be illustrator?

At 16, or 17 I knew I want to work in this kind of work, but it was something general. I think I really knew it when I was at the college, when I was studying Fine Arts.


3.-Tell us about your training and your influences.

Well, I started to draw when I was I child, since I can remember. About studies I learned a lot at college, but most of all, because of practice and drawing a lot every day. While I was living in Dublin, I improved a lot, but you learn from everything and averyone.


About my influences, it’s difficul to say, cause everything can influence you even if you wasn’t looking for it. A comic, a book, a film or maybe just someone you see at the bus stop. But if I have to say something I think I should mention Dragon Ball at first, and later on, the next big influence in my own style was Bleach and Priest.


4.- Which parts of the illustrator job do you like and dislike?

What I like the most is that I really enjoy what I am doing, and even if you are tired it’s ok to do it. And, at the end, even if you are not happy with what you did, you know at least it was practice.


What I don’t like about this kind of job, is that it’s usually not well paid, it’s hard to live just working as a drawer, not impossible, but difficult. I think this job requires a lot of time and effort, and that it’s not recognised.


5.- Why did you decide join to the webcomic project of Twist Comics?

I think it’s an opportunity of promotion and made a name, and at the same time, you are working on improve your skills.


6.- What attracted you to the story that you illustrated?

I have always been attracted at action and superpowers stories, as well as I want to prove something new, like drawing aliens.


7.- Could you explain your decisions in the design of the main character?

The base idea was Angelina Jolie, provided by Fernando, so I took the general aspect from her, thick lips, squared face, etc. From there I though that I didn’t want a sweet woman, cause the character wasn’t like that, and personally, I don’t like that kind of characters. So I tried some scars and hairs and colours to find what suit the character better. And about the armor the first thing was that I didn’t want the classic armor, I wanted something more original, so I did it asymmetrical and started to build it up from there.


8.-And the alien?

I searched for aliens references, a lot of them, with warrior looks above all. In spite of being a warrior, he wasn’t someone rude or bad, and because he had some kind of relationship with the main character they had to match in some way, so I made him in a stylish style too, and because I’m not familiar with big characters, do it like that it could have been a bad idea.


9.-How much time did you spend per page? What’s been your process for drawing it and communicating with the scriptwriter?

It’s hard to say how much time per page because I was working on all pages at the same time, but I think about 20 hours per page, or even more.



10.- Which vignette are you proudest of? If there are spoilers please warn us.

If I have to choose I’ll go with the second vignette from page 4, where Ania is flying and the quarkmor starts to desactivate. There isn’t an especific reason about this, but I like Ania’s expression and seeing Ania from the bottom while flying it’s interesting.



11.- What is your next project? What are you working now?

I’m working in another comic for Twist Comics, and on my own project I‘ve been working for some months.


12.- Which illustration are you proudest of?

I guess the last one I made, and elf fighting in the snow, it’s a character from my comic project. It has a lot of mistakes which can be improved, but it was a goal to achieve cause of the perspective, as well as the lighting.


13.- Returning to the subject of hobbies, which comic are you reading now? With Blacksad I’m waiting for the next volume, as well as Vagabond and Priest. Righ now I’m going to start to read Superman: Red Son and Astonishing X-Men.


14.- If you knew tomorrow was going to be the start of the apocalypse… What would you do today?

I guess I will buy The Last of Us, I’m not gonna die without playing that game.


15.- What words of greeting would you like to hear at heaven’s gates or in hell?

Stay calm, we have computers and videogames.


16.- What advice can you give us?

Enjoy the little things in your live but never give up on your dreams.


17.- If you could eliminate one thing on this planet, what would it be?

Too many things… I can’t choose.


18.- What good things do you hope will happen for you in the coming months?

Find a good and a well paid job. Yes, I know it’s just a fantasy

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