1.- When did you start to read comics?
Since I was a child I read typical Spanish comics like ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ and ‘Zipi y Zape’.
2.- When did you decide to become an illustrator?
Since I discovered I could live of that!
3.-Tell us a little bit about your process.
I start drawing the character on a tablet. If I like the result I leave the illustration like that. If not, I vectorize it. Then I start with the background, adding the lighting and some story Easter eggs. That’s my favorite thing. At the end I include the texts.
4.- What do you like the most about illustration? And less?
What I like the most is designing the backgrounds. I hate drawing the same static scene on different illustrations. So boring!
5.- Why did you decide to join the Twist Comics webcomic project?
The thing is I thought it was a really interesting project. I don’t think there was a thing like this before, at least in Spain.
6.- What did you like about this story you illustrated?
The character design and their corporal expressions.
7.- Could you tell us something about the design of the MAN in this story?
On the script there was a very detailed physical description of the character. Anyway I changed a few things.
8.- And the woman?
She is totally like in the script.
9.- How many times did you invest drawing a single page of the comic?
I think like a week per page once the storyboard and the corrections were ready.
10.- What’s the illustration you’re prouder?
The first page.

10b.- This story is about loneliness. Do you think there are a lot of people like the story characters in the world?
The world on it plenitude, isn’t it?
11.- What are your next projects?
Two comics, one about an Apocalypse and the other one about drug dealing.
12.- What is the commissioner work you’re prouder?
Some illustration I did for an online marketing agency. A character represents each field of expertise.
13.- Which comic series you’re into?
Now I’m reading ‘Kick Ass’, ‘Hit Girl’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ compendium edition.
14.- If you know tomorrow is the first day of the Apocalypse, what would you do now?
If it’s a zombie Apocalypse then I’ll try to find some guns. Here is not as easy as in US.
15.- What would you like to hear when you arrive at the gates of Heaven (or Hell)?
“Due to overbooking we’re gonna transfer you to first class’.
16.- What’s your best advice?
Kids, stay in school!
17.- If you could erase one thing from Earth what would it be?
Password WiFis.
18.- What would things you expect to happen next months?
I hope this project have a very great and warm welcoming, of course!

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