1.- How and when did you start reading comics?

Well, since I was very, very little, I started reading, thanks to my father, what in that time was called “tebeos”. You know, “Zipi y Zape”, “Mortadelo y Filemón”… when I grew up a bit more I felt interested by Manga, something I still like. However, little by little I’ve been adding a lot of kinds of comics, styles, etc.


2.- When did you decide to become an illustrator?

I’ve been drawing all my life. I can’t remember not to draw. Since I was very little I said I wanted to be a “draftswoman”. I even didn’t know very well what that meant as a profession, but I liked the idea to work in something I enjoyed! Later I found out that Disney movies and cartoons were moving drawings. It was such a revelation to know that the responsible of Ariel or Pocahontas movement was an artist! In that moment I decided I wanted to be the one who would draw all that.


3.- Tell us a bit about your training process and what are your main influences.

As I said, I started to draw when I was a child. When I felt interested by Manga, back when I was 14, I changed from drawing Disney girls to draw Manga girls. And I made my first crap-comic, with my cousin. We drew, by turns, a frame each. The story was pulpy but we had such a good time, mixing all the series we liked and adding romantic stuff between the characters! And I learnt a lot with that, the fact that I had to draw a single character in a lot of different poses, situations and expressions… it made me want to keep learning. Time passed, I kept drawing, changing a bit from Manga to something more European, or I should say, a mix of everything. And it was time to choose a University career. I didn’t doubt it; I wanted to do Fine Arts. That was my jump into the artistic world. Even though during University I didn’t draw too much, because it was more focused on conceptual creation, I learnt, above all, to generate ideas and to do big projects. And when I finished, I still had my dream of becoming and animation artist, so I made my suitcases and I went to Dublin, Ireland, to study 2D and 3D animation. So here I am! Now I’m in a point of doing everything: illustration, comic, animation… I don’t stop being a “draftswoman”.


4.- What do you like more and least of being an illustrator?

What I like more is that little by little I’ve been reaching what I always wanted to be. What I like least is that it costs an excessive effort to make your place in this world. It’s a too competitive and aggressive world. You have to be strong at the critiques, learn from them and try to improve, and also you have to know how to compete in a “healthy” way with friends and partners. It’s not easy for everybody.


5.- Why did you decide to join the webcomics project of Twist comics?

I thought it as a Golden opportunity to show myself and keep learning.


6.- What attracted you most from the story you have drawn?

Characters. They are the kind of guys you would find, as they are in the comic, sitting on a bank in the park passing the hangover. I’ve seen people like that very often, and truth is that inspiring on reality wasn’t difficult at all!


7.- Could you explain a bit about your decisions when you designed the main characters of your story?

Andy: This character is a letch, a bit short-minded and, as I use to say, he has “mobileitis”, which means he can’t stop using the mobile! So, even though he’s not an ugly guy, he has such lascivious eyes that he doesn’t seem attractive at all. Then, the outfit had to indicate he hasn’t a great fashion sense and he’s not very smart, but in his way, he tries look good.

Lucas: He’s a dealer from a suburb. So he has money, but no class. He buys expensive brand things, and he’s very sure of himself. So his eyes are a bit arrogant and confident at the same time. And for the outfit, on one hand I took as reference Collin Farrel in Miami Vice, but on the other hand I took reference from other dealers in real life.
Flashy guy: To be honest this is the character that took less to design. I had it clearer. A guy who doesn’t frequent good ambient, he likes to show off about his hair and his leather jacket, and getting tan.


8.-Which one was your favourite to draw and why?  

Andy, because of those funny expressions he makes when he looks at the girls!!


9.- How long has it taken in average per page and what has been your drawing process and your communication with the script writer?

Average time per page, I calculate two or three weeks. My process has been this: when I already had the characters approved, I started sketching the drafts of each page. Communication with the script writer has been really good, we decided what to add or quit, and when everything was sure, I started to draw it clean. First, in Illustrator, I made frames and bubbles. Then, in Photoshop I drew, frame by frame, first the lines and then the color. And finally I went again to Illustrator to put everything together with the texts.


10.- What frame do you feel more proud of? Explain which one and if there are any SPOILERS, we’ll warn.

Frame 1 in page 3, the party. To be honest, I really liked to change the layout, and also investigate how to do that atmosphere of color lights, crowd dancing and so on… It took me a while but I liked the results.


10b.- Your story is about the unemployment and the depression. What’s your opinion about the current situation?

It’s a very hard situation for everyone. In particular, for me, that I’m young, I see a limbo which is hard to escape from, because you’re not a student anymore and you can’t do agreements with the University to do an internship or a grant, but you don’t have enough experience to get a job. It’s a loop nightmare. So the only option is working by your own, not to stop doing things and moving a lot.


11.- What are your next projects or what are you working on right now?

I have the intention of keeping working for Twist Comics, we are now beginning the designs for a new comic. And besides that, I’ve worked with another script writer on the dossier of an animation series for children and we are trying to sell. I’m also working on the storyboards of a horror film project. Besides that, I work on my own portfolio, I make personalized orders (illustrations or portraits in different styles), I make “geek” crafts and I sell them, I’m studying a course about videogames… you know, I don’t stop!!


12.- What’s the illustration you are most proud of?

I think the last one I made (I guess it’s normal because it’s where you can see all my knowledge so far). It’s the design of the main character in the next comic, Juno. I made a character design/illustration because I wanted to work the style we are using in this comic. And I really liked the results!


13.- Coming back to likes and hobbies. What comic series you follow regularly?

Lately I’ve been too busy and I haven’t read too much comic, but as I mentioned before I’m still a Manga fan, and I read it from time to time. I’ve also read lately the comics based on the videogame Metal Gear, by Ashely Wood. I love his style. And before that, “Sin City”. But I have to admit, I follow more animation than comic.


14.- If you knew that tomorrow the apocalypses begins, what would you do today?

It depends on what kind of apocalypses we are talking about… if it’s about a zombie apocalypses, join all the possible weapons, read the manual “how to survive a zombie apocalypses” and… survive! Hahaha, no joking, I think it would be impossible to be quiet, although I think I would try to enjoy the last day of “normality” with my people.


15.- What would you like to be told when you get heaven or hell’s doors?

What are you doing here?? Go back again!!!


16.- What’s the best advice you can give?

My advice for everyone who wants to work in this is: As the situation nowadays is like this, the only thing you can do is not to lose the will, being positive and think someday things are going to improve and we’ll have more opportunities. And don’t stop working, ever; look for things to do… worst thing ever is to be passive all the time. And try to overcome yourself, constructive critiques are always good!


17.- If you could eliminate just one thing in the planet, what would it be?

I know it sounds topic, but… I would erase more than a politic if I could…


18.- What good things do you expect within the next few months?

I hope the projects I’m working on will be successful!


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