I now answer you and our readership

1- Why did you choose me as artist for Twist Comics?

María Aurora Rodríguez (freaks V.0´s artist) recommended you and showed me your blog. I saw a lot of potential in your illustrations for showing facial expresions. Also, watching your short-film “The blind saw it all” I knew that you were perfect for drawing the comic “I´ll look for a job tomorrow”. Another thing that I was struck by was your “special” use of colour, I think you have a unique and interesting style.

In addition, we had a really fluid and possitive communication from the start, and I think the final result also shows it. As Buzz Lightyear said: “To infinity and beyond”.


2. The characters of the “I´ll look for a job tomorrow” story are based on real experiences. Tell us where you got the inspiration for this story.

I usually go to coffe-shops and public spaces for writing, trying to be inspired by the real world. So months ago, I was in Lesseps Square in Barcelona because it was a really sunny day, and I was just taking some notes and organizing several Twist Comics´ logistic issues in my Black Notebook while I was sunbathed. I was seated in one side of the square when some kids seated beside me and started talking in a very loud way, shouting all kind of nonsense and atrocities. Obviously, I quit what I was doing and started taking notes about what they were saying.

Therefore, for writing this story, I just had to edit my notes, change the order of what was said, to create a story with a beginning and an ending. So 90% of this story is completely true… I´ll leave you and our readers to wonder which parts I came up…

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