1.- How and when did you start reading comics?

I always had comics at home and before knowing how to read I used to look at the drawings and imagine the dialogues.


2.- When did you decide that you wanted to be an ilustrator?

When I was 17 years old I decided that I wanted to study Fine Arts, before that I always liked drawing but I didn’t believe that I could earn money being an artist. I’m still not really sure about it…


3.- Tell us a bit about your studies and your biggest influences.

My training is drawings constantly, reading too many comics and I suppose that the life drawing classes helped a bit. I studied Fine Arts and then Traditional and Computer Animation. About the influences, everything that inspires me to make a drawing and they are too many. Sean Gordon Murphy, Jamie Hewlett, Mike Mignola, The Sims 3 (yes, this is real).


4.- What do you most like about being and artist and what do you least like?

The thing I like the most is creating my own characters. The least, the artist´block moments, when it seems that you had forgotten how to use a pencil and you can’t draw the most simple things even if you have them really clear in your head.


5.- Why did you decide to join Twist Comics´ Webcomic Project?

I liked the idea about collaborating with a script writer and it was an opportunity of showing my art. Besides I thought it was going to help me practicing with the comics.


6.- What attacted you about the story that you have worked in?

People die.


7.- Could you explain something about your decisions when designing the main character of your story?

I tried to draw the character how I imagined the first time I read the script, three days beard, a bit taciturn and with eye circles, with an air of melancholy… He is someone that is having a bad time, but for some reason he seemed funny to me so I tried to show that. About the stripes sweater, there’s not a special reason for that, it’s just that that day I was watching a Freddy Krueger move and I said to myself: stripes.


8.- What about the comets?

I followed the instructions given by Fernando and I tried to make them playful and sinister at the same time, really agiles and with a cheeky touch. Fernando had the idea of putting eyes to them and then when I was coloring them I made them dark, I wouldn’t know how to say why, simply I followed an instinct and then I liked the result.


9.- How long did it take you to make a page, what was your process to make them and how was the communication with the script writer?

The time used is impossible to count, since the project came in a stage when I was really busy and I had to put it in a second layer, which made this process really slow. By the other hand the communication was and it still is really fluent.


10.- Which is the panel that you are most happy with?


I like the panel where the baby goes flying because of an explosion caused by the comets, not because of the results but because it was really fun drawing it.


10b.- Since the story that you drew is about the famous end of the world from a literal and personal point of view, do you think that there is too many people that regret their decisions too late when they have no remedy?

Everyone has regretted something when it’s too late at some point of their lives, but I think that the decisions you made in the past were the ones that you wanted to take in that moment, so there’s no point in regretting now because if you were your ‘you from the past’ you would make the same decision again.


11.- What are your next projects, what are you working in at the moment?

A long script with Fernando and a webcomic made by myself that I hope I will put online soon.


12.- Which is the illustration that you feel more proud of?

Although it doesn’t look good saying it, no one, because I’m the kind of person that hates every drawing he does after making them. It’s a bad habit but I can’t control completely my mind yet, I still have planned that travel to the Tibet to open my chakras.


13.- At school, who do you most learn from, teachers or students?



14.- Going back to the hobbys topic, which comic series are you regularly following?

I don’t have too many regularity to follow comic series and less to buy them, I rather the graphic novel format and the second hand ones, so I buy what I found in the shops that I think it’s cheap. Still at the moment I could say I’m following The Wake and the new 52 Batman.


15.- If you knew that tomorrow the Apocalypsis will start, what would you do today?

I’d laugh evilly and then I’d start a Star Wars trilogy. After all of that I would come back home with my family.


16.- What would you like that they say to you when you’d be received in the gates of heaven or hell?

We have been invaded by aliens.


17.- What´s the best advice you can tell?

With great power comes great responsibility.


18.- If you could erase one thing in the planet, which one would it be?

The planet itself.


19.- What good things are you waiting to happen in the next months?

I hope that Cthulhu will finally rise from the depths thanks to my summons.




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