Martha Izquierdo

martha izquierdo autoretrato

1.- How did you start reading comics and how long have you been reading them?
I started Reading a long time ago, when I began high school. My father had the entire collection of X-men comics and I couldn’t resist them.

2.- When did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?
I was twelve years old when I first thought about it. I didn’t take it seriously until I was seventeen, though.

3.- Tell us about your artistic skills and what are your influences?
Two years of Fine Arts and a lot of drawing practice.

4.- What’s the thing that you like the most and the least of your work as an illustrator?
I do what I really like, which is drawing but I would like to improve my lacking skills.

5.- Why did you decide to join Twist Comics?
I saw the advertisement in a comic book store.

6.- What was the most appealing thing in the story you have drawn?
Making up the tattoos, of course.

7.- Could you explain a little about your decisions creating the main character?
Well, clearly its a story about love although a bit unusual. The thing is it was a long distance relationship and I wanted to show what she wanted on her tattoos, like the anchor.

8. – In the story, the main character doesn’t know what to do about her long distance relationship. Do you think this kind of relationship can end well?
I don’t think so. When you start spending less time with that person it’s too hard to get over it.

9. – How long did you spend making each page? How have you made them and how has been the feedback between you and scriptwriter?
Each page took me about two or three weeks, due to the long lapse of time the watercolor needs to dry.
First I drew the sketch of each panel, then I made the complete drawing with pencil. I colored them with watercolor, let them dry. Scanned them and finally fit them digitally.
The feedback with the scriptwriter was very good. We talked nearly every week about something.

10.- Which is your favorite panel? Explain it (spoiler alert)
The first one. I love how expressive it is. .

11.- What are your next projects?
Top secret!

12.- What is your most prided work?
That’s a very good question; I wouldn’t be able to choose.

13. – What comic series do you follow regularly?
Blacksad, The script and the drawing is so beautiful.
Batman, because it’s my favorite superhero
And everything Paco Roca has made.

14. – If tomorrow started the apocalypses and you
knew it, what would you like to do today?
Eat everything I could and sleep afterwards.

15. – .-What would you like to be told when you arrive to heaven or hell’s gates?
Hey, You can eat eeeeeeeeeverything you want 

16.- What’s the best advice you can give?
Practice, practice, practice If you want to be good at something, it won’t grow on a tree.

17.- If you could eliminate something from the earth, what it would be?
I think the earth is fine the way it is.

18.-What good things do you expect to happen in the next few months?
To get a more professional drawing style.


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