1 – How did emerge the idea for the script “I won’t surrender”?

The germ of the idea came from an illustration of a cartoonist named Albert Ausias Bartorell, which shows a group of tiny bugs walking on a completely white space where the only reference ground where they are walking is the projection of their own shadows.

Seeing it, gave me a kind of existential “horror”, since these bugs moved through a seemingly infinite space where there is no spatial reference and probably they would never get anywhere because it was a whiteness without end.

From there, my imagination flew and made me think about writing a short story where I could play with space conventions, the limits of the comic page.

That approach changed somehow when Bruno Garcia Valencia decided to draw this story, we moved away a bit from making the whole world to be a “white” space and humanize the main character.

Now we certainly have a greater sense of progression and advancement in this trip that our lead character takes, as there are different kinds of spaces until she arrives to the “white space” .

Once there, to escape this existencial trap, the lead character can only have one actitude.

Which one?

Read the comic. 🙂

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