1. – How and when did you start reading comic books?


I can’t recall at what age, but I remember reading “El Jueves” magazines that my father used to buy and “Totem” magazines that my uncle kept on his shelf. I also remember some “Mort and Phil” volumes we had back home and seeing some “Tintin”books in the bookcase. I say seeing because I used to look at the pictures, not to read them. Anyway, I was never much of a reader. One of the few comic books that I used to follow is “SPAWN”. I was hooked on that one for a while.


2. – When did you decide you wanted to be an illustrator?


I have never decided it. I was good at drawing (I guess), but I wanted to be a paleontologist. I ended up in arts because it seemed easier and funnier than science. Now I want to be a biologist.


3. – Tell us about your training process and your major influences.


I started copying the doodles my uncle drew when he was bored, later I copied (not traced) Dragon Ball drawings and it was then when I made my first original creations, for instance, combining Goku’s body with an ork’s head. Pure art. I also used to draw Arale turds and shoddy cocks on my classmates’ books. I spent a lot of time drawing on the English books changing the photos of the learning and listening sections of each lesson. We may say that it was then when started with the comic strips, since I added ballons coarse and vulgar phrases to the pictures. I used to flip book in almost every book, especially in Valencian. In my teens I used to copy images from video games, such as “Soul Calibur” or “Final Fantasy” and I drew my first hentai. My classmates used to say that I was good at drawing so when I finished secondary school, I started to draw monsters and I also started studying arts in highschool. I’ve never finished it, though I enjoyed every part of it. At that time I used to work for a local newspaper processing images on the computer. In my spare time I used to draw other worlds, monsters and animals, especially snails. At that time, thanks to art history, I got to know the works of DaVinci, Rembrandt, Goya, and other great masters of painting, and I was amazed by the quality of some pieces and the atmosphere they managed to create through the use of color. That’s something that I’ve tried to integrate to my own style. Then I studied an Associate Degree in Illustration which expanded my artistic and realistic vision of the world, and I began to really appreciate the art of other illustrators, of my classmates and everything that them or their ideas could contribute to mine


4. – What do you like most about your work as an illustrator? What is it that you like the least about it?


What I like the most is getting payed, and what I hate about it is working too much without getting paid. Besides that, the most rewarding thing is to start a new piece of work knowing where you have to add or remove colour. The worst thing is that the more you go on with that piece of work the more information you have, and it gets more and more difficult to make the right decisions when creating the light or shapes you want. I don’t want to get too philosophical about it.


5. – Why did you decide to join this webcomics project?


To keep on drawing, to experiment and to improve. It’s also a good excuse to thicken my portfolio  and to improve my artistic résumé.


6. – What appealed to you about the history you drew?


Nothing in particular… I don’t know… I find curious the ellipsis of the history and the timeless coincidences. Another advantage is that this story shows how certain important events can be manipulated and justified to create deep changes in society, regardless the life and freedom of individuals.


7. – Could you explain us a little bit your decisions when designing the main character of your story?


I’ve created a dark-haired clear-eyed character because it is more appealing than a clear-eyed blonde. Apart from that, it had to have some special features, so that our main character could be recognizable in each vignette. That’s why I drew him a scar on his left cheek and freckles, tips that the writer had suggested me.


8. – Why did you use blue for the main character’s hair? (I couldn’t help asking you that).


Maybe because of the manga reminiscence of my youth, and because blue is cool.


9. – How much time did you spend on average per page and what was your process when drawing and communicating with the writer?


I spent 5 days sketching, with intensive 10 hours sessions each day (more or less) helped by beer (or unhelped) and many cigarettes. Before scanning the pages in pencil, I accomplished the painting process using photoshop. It took me about 5 to 6 hours to paint each page. Overall, about 15 hours or so per page.


Note that the writer is an alien and I belong to another dimensional plane so, and despite our differences, we managed to have a pretty optimal communication.


10.- Which comic strip pleases you the most? Explain it and if there are any spoilers we will let our readers know about them.


I think the second strip on page two is one of the most spectacular. Although, in my opinion, it can always get better.


10b. – Which cause is worth fighting for?


Everything that is good for you, for everybody and for the people around us.


 11. – What are your next projects and what are you working on right now?


I run my own business. I design T-shirts with original decorations. I teach photoshop and drawing  at an affordable price and I also run a blinds painting and interior decorations for stores company. I’m also working on a new comic, a science fiction project called “First Hunt” written, again, by Fernando Verniere.


12. – What is the work / illustration you feel most proud of?


None of them, they all can be improved … although I am painting on computer a fantastic turtle which is turning out very nice.


13.-When you were in class, who did you learn more from, your teachers or your classmates?


I learnt from all of them. I was lucky, I had good teachers, (except for my English teacher in secondary school) and strange, as well as creative, classmates. I enjoyed and learnt a lot from them. In addition, even though some teachers did not teach me their subject very well, they taught me other aspects of the human condition. I love them all, (except for the English teacher, I don’t like her).


14.-Back on the likings and hobbies. Which comic book series you follow regularly?


I’ve bought the Walking Dead and Watchmen recently, but I haven’t read them yet…


15.-If you knew that tomorrow an apocalypse would start, what would you do today?


I would play the ocarina of “Zelda” to go back in time and avoid it.


16. – If somebody would receive you at heaven’s or hell’s gates, what would you like him to tell you


That I can leave whenever I want.


17. – What is the best advice you can give?


Say no, even if that means you won’t make a good impression.


18. – If you could erase one thing in the world what would it be?


Complicated questions and simple answers.


19. – What good things do you expect to happen in the next few months?


An alien invasion, running out of oil and free phone calls.

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