From a visual perspective which strengths and weaknesses do you find in the comic “There’s no accidental shooting”?

I think one of the best compliments I can say to Andres R.´s “There’s no accidental shooting” is that reads very fluently.

I love that being the first comic from Andrés, he got away with it on all shapes and angles in his pictures. He makes equally interesting an extreme close-up or a full shot.

At first, I was sort of against the main character having blue hair and I told him that Andrés a couple of times, but he was completely sure about that decision, then  I said to myself that I didn’t remember any lead character being freckly and blue haired, so at least we would havet a main character very recognizable.

And as time goes on, the more I see it the more I think Andrés was right on keeping him with that peculiar hair color.

The only bit I would have changed is that I´d had preferred a statue of justice “more classic-looking” with the scale and the blindfold so it would be more obvious.

What about the script? Will you change anything?

I have to say that I rewrite dialogs on the 90% of all my short comics when I see the final pages, but with “There’s no accidental shooting” I did not do it.

So many people have told me that with this subject matter I could have write a longer story but one of the things I like most is how short and concise turned out.

Maybe a weakness in my writing is how evil is the general but sadly there is people like that. And the world sometimes it is black and white.

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