. 1 – How and when did you start reading comics?
Nearly 12 years

. 2 – When did you decide you wanted to be an illustrator ?

. 3 – Tell us a bit about your training process and what are your biggest influences ?
At age 15 I went to a school of drawing and I loved it so much more then I went more ” art and craft ” . My biggest influence was at age 20 when I met a lot of people involved in illustration and comics. And when I met digital tools .

. 4 – What do you like most about your job as an illustrator / cartoonist and least ?
What more , hand-drawing , shape an idea or sketch.
The least , to think that the public does not like my drawings.

. 5 – Why did you decide to join the project Twist webcomics comics?
It was a quick decision , my friend recommended it and I had no doubt .
Since this would be a more open to the world of what I like to target. And devote to it in more professional way.
. 6 – Could you explain a little your decisions when designing the Lord Chancellor Gjork the protagonist of the story and its human opponent ?
The design of the main character is a mixture in several films like “predator ” or “star trek ” something more “intelligence and powerful” so to speak. And with regard to human inspire me in the typical heroine Lara Croft as ( strong fighter ) and a more military apparel .

. 7 – How long have you spent on average per page and what was your process when drawing them and your communication with the writer ?
Each page takes several processes , while the process does not take many changes.
The main idea of ​​the sketch and the finished pencil work that I would be around one week. And another week to ink it and paint it digitally.
the process to be followed has been specifically idea sketch , finished pencil drawing, inking , scanning, I outline illustrator , photoshop painting, illustrator for placing snacks and texts. And back to pass photoshop finishing touches .
The deal with the screenwriter was totally right , he has helped me in some odd decisions and drawing on other occasions.

. 8 – What is the bullet that you are most happy with the comic? Explain what and if there are SPOILERS notified .
I think it would be on page 1, the first comic book pic .. what is most striking is the first thing you see when you start reading . This colorful, this light , these motherships . I love them.
Quiet no spoliers because it is the first bullet

9 – . Which are your next projects or you’re working on right now ?
I’m waiting for a good script to start the second episode of Lord Chancellor shortly.

10 – . What is the work / illustration you’re most proud of?
THE Lord Chancellor Gjork .. is the work that I’m giving more affection lately .
11.- Returning to the subject of tastes and interests . What series of comics follow regularly ?
Buff, many … “Batman ,” ” Justice League ,” ” X -Men “, ” Ultimate Marvel ” and some Japanese manga I always inspired by his drawings as ” Berserk” .
12.- If you knew that tomorrow starts the apocalypse is what would you do today?
I never thought about , but I think it would sell out quickly and buy a spaceship, grab my loved ones and leave the planet .
13 – . What do you wish you were told when you received at the gates of heaven or hell ?
Like any man, a good women would be fine .. lol. But I’d settle for my collection of comics, my drawings and a white notebook and pencil.
14 – . What is the best advice you can give?
If you like to draw but think your drawings are bad and ugly, never give up.
There are many people who would like to taste and colors .

15 – . If you could eliminate one thing in the world what would it be ?
Politicians of course … and other corrupt on the planet and the people do not know .
16 – . Which expect good things to happen the coming months?
Well keep drawing and working on what you like and earn little money for it.


1.- How did you start reading comics and how long have you been reading them?
From a very young age. Just when I learned to read my mother started buying me Patoruzú, Paturucito, Isidoro and Isidorito of Quinteros, while I was getting older I discovered comics, particularly super-heroes, until reach adolescence where I discovered Tony D’argtanan, Skorpio and Cimoc magazine.

2.- When did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?
I draw since I was a year and a half. It is something I do since I have memory. What Imade me decide to be an illustrator and especially go into comics was Skorpio. When I saw the pictures of Horacio Lalia and Enrique Alcatena I said to myself: “You are going to spend the rest of your life doing this.” It was when I discovered what I wanted to do, what I wanted to draw.

3.- Tell us about your artistic skills and what are your influences?
Like any kid I started copying, mainly a comic of Jodorowski with Gal called The Passion of Diosamante that was published in the Cimoc, and from the magazine Skorpio, I stole something to everyone who went through that magazine.
My training is self-taught. Took some classes and participated in workshops but all I know about drawing I take it out from the comics and books. First studying textures, patterns, effects, and as how some authors solved some particular issues and tried to emulate them while doing it my way, that and books. Countless amounts of anatomy books, techniques, architecture … whatever I could found about it (and could afford), from encyclopedias to loose pages and comments in magazines. I read, I studied and I sat for hours practicing and trying to incorporate it.
As for my biggest influences are: Berni Wrigthson (especially his Frankenstein), Horacio Lalia, Enrrique Alcatena, Horacio Altuna, Leonardo Manco and Ernesto Garcia Seijas, and unrelated to the comics but are always present are Pirannesi and Escher. Others who put their hands more indirectly into my work are: Francois Beougeon, Milo Manara, George Perez, Alex Maleev, Masamune Shirow and Tim Bradstreet.

4.- What’s the thing that you like the most and the least of your work as an illustrator?
What I like the most is that it’s not a job, it’s a passion, a Lifestyle. It forces you to grow and document yourself, studying to solve particular issues to what you are doing and the smell of graphite, ink, even the paper. Being a slave to the board and the endless possibilities of freedom it gives into its confines. And getting paid for doing something I love.
Things I don’t like are the backaches, the market unlikely difficulty to publish and what they usually poorly paid jobs. (This is something I love to do, but I have to eat too). And above all, it is not recognized as a profession. There is no real value for the craft except for those involved in it and a few exceptions. It’s frustrating to hear things like “Comics are for kids”, or “it’s just a cartoon” and I do not rate it “is very expensive,” and that those who actually do can’t afforded. It’s very sad.

5.- Why did you decide to join Twist Comics?
The presentation you sent me through mail. I thought you were an honest guy with a passion to pursue and doing things right from the start. Something certainly ambitious but done with sweat, blood, and using your head forward, not walking blindly. That and the opportunity to do what I like.

6.- What was the most appealing thing in the story you have drawn?
The decadent maelstrom in which the character is falling and the possibility of developing a particular aesthetic. There are some parallels with my personal life issues that are occurring at the time of drawing the comic so in a way there is a slight identification with the protagonist.

7.- Could you explain a little about your decisions creating the main character?
If I remember correctly the description he was an arrogant Rock Star in a cyberpunk society, so it came to my head Dero Goi (OOHMP singer!) and the Sex Pistols´bassist (No idea why) so I made a fusion including personal touches and a slight change in the process, such as tattoos. It just occurred to me as I finished drawing on the third page when I saw the character without the clothes. It wasn´t specified in the script that he should have tattoos, I decided to design them.

8_ Why do you draw son many details in every panel?
Hmmm. I’m an obsessive compulsive who never developed capacity of synthesis. If I “see it”, I imagine it I have to put it on paper. Fear of white.

9_– How long did you spend making each page? How have you made them and how has been the feedback between you and scriptwriter?

Well … I drawed it in a time quite chaotic, so I can hardly calculate the exact time. Say they have an average of three to five days.
In terms of process, I sketch it out completely making small notations to consider certain details that had to be present, and giving me an idea of how compose pages, the shape of the panels, how many, what would be see in it, etc. And from there go to the final realization. Draw but not following a too specific continuity, jumping pages and panels that looked complicated to me for one reason or another, leaving whites and following with something else and then come back. I’m quite chaotic when working. And the communication … Heh. I slaughter the boy with endless mails that kept him awake until three in the morning.

On the communication side I have only praise and hails. I made many changes to the script always trying to stay as true as possible, there are things happening that would not come out, I couldn’t do it, or because of the ultra-detailed style I had some things just could not be appreciated, and on that side Fernando was always more than generous and sympathetic. The biggest change was the pages that were added, shifting the Panels, but keeping the original description. I am grateful to be working with someone who is a fan besides talented and who knows a lot of the subject, and use it to understand and to appreciate suggestions as give them too. I think communication, within which was (and is) very large also is fluid, the only inconvenience that side were a couple of issues of terminology, he is Spanish and I am Argentine, and although we use the same language, the use we give to the words is different in some occasions, when there was something not understood or gave any misinterpretation or confusion, we just ask about it. Other than that, nothing, pure fluidity.
9B_ The second panel. The first of the second page. I like it for the point of view and the dynamic that has, in addition to the environment, the atmosphere. I think it’s the best achieved and also was the first to be drawn, the one that started everything. I think it’s has more strength and energy.
10.-If therewere a virtual reality system like the one described in the story of Icarus´s herat, through whose eyes you look like your world?

Uh! Well, my view of the world is in itself quite twisted … I think maybe I would like to be enter in some psychotic dictator mind just to try to better understand the rationalization they use to justify their atrocities, if not: David Lynch´s mind.

11.- What are your next projects?

None. I am fully dedicated to Twist Comics. When I start to branch out, to be on several things at once, terribly low quality comes out and I end up not liking anything. I’d rather focus and devote myself to one thing at a time.
I spend a stage where I was working on five things at once, very different from each other and I became more crazy, since then, I quit that pattern and try to focus fully on each thing I made.

12.- What is your most prided work?

One I did a few years ago, in which I take a whole month working between 6-12 hours a day. A piece of 42 cm x 63 cm quite bizarrely. In my blog is posted under the name Ecos or Echoes.

13_ 13.-I guess you’re still learning even when you teach drawing to your students?
When I was teaching was when I most learned. I do not believe in teaching per se, yes in learning. Teachers, professors are actually Presenters. We present a method, technique, it is in each to develop and / or use it. As in mathematics there are many ways to get the same result, it´s the same in drawing, there are many ways to solve something, everyone has to find the one that works for himself. I kept learning because I keep practicing and I know when the formulas do not help me solve something, I seek new one and if I do not find one then invent one. When you teach that aspect is fantasti, because you study something then present it, but each student absorbs it differently and develops differently and you discover and learn about it, as long as you are willing. Unfortunately, many “teachers” teach and impose a formula that they know and that only works in a little percentage of the students.

One has to know how to adapt to that effect and therefore study and practice much. Not everyone learns in the same way. One must know how to present a theme in various ways; if not you limit the student and you can even harm him, “Close it” frustrate and that’s not right. In addition, the student must be willing to learn, if not, it’s become a constant conflict between the presenter and the student that sealed both.
Years ago I suffered from a “burnout”, since then I could not return to teaching.

14_ – If tomorrow started the apocalypses and you
knew it, what would you like to do today?
I’m more of graphic novels, that begin and end, that series that continues (in large companies in particular) usually are tied with 50 numbers and personally I resent having to read forty things different to follow what is happening in one. I like Daredevil, Wasteland and Batwoman. There are several others that I follow more for the illustrators than by the writers, but I get some surprise here and there and enjoy the occasional series, but those stories are mostly isolated, basically only those three .
Drink a coffee, enjoy a cigarette and accompany my puppies.
16_What would you like to be told when you arrive to heaven or hell’s gates
I’m an atheist. I guess something like: “There is no place for guys like you around here” or “we’re full, try again later.”
17_What’s the best advice you can give?
I’m not one to give advice. I’m far from being a role model.
18.-What good things do you expect to happen in the next few months?
The warning labels of danger and letting stupidity “fix” itself.


What series do you follow?
Basically North-American superhero ones. Those are the ones I started with when I was a child & I haven’t stopped since then & I doubt I’m gonna ever stop it.
Nowadays I have a lot of fun with any of the comics from the screenwriter Jason Aaron. But at the same time I’m following a few independent editorials and comic webs as “private Eye” by Vaughan and Marcos Martín.

I’ve got an unspoken rule of buying at least a couple of manga series. At the moment they are “Billy Bat” by Naoki Urusawa and “Blade of the Inmortal” by Hiroaki Samura that it’s about to finish. I gotta say that one of my all the times favorite collection from all nationalities is “Lone wold and Cub.” Masterpiece.

I rarely buy any European volume until there’s a bunch of them from a particular story. The ones I’m currently buying are “El escorpión” by Dresberg and Marini and  “Zaya” that is a beatiful BD illustrated by Huang Jia Wi.
I think it all sums up that my taste on comics tends to go to the adventures type.


Martha Izquierdo

martha izquierdo autoretrato

1.- How did you start reading comics and how long have you been reading them?
I started Reading a long time ago, when I began high school. My father had the entire collection of X-men comics and I couldn’t resist them.

2.- When did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?
I was twelve years old when I first thought about it. I didn’t take it seriously until I was seventeen, though.

3.- Tell us about your artistic skills and what are your influences?
Two years of Fine Arts and a lot of drawing practice.

4.- What’s the thing that you like the most and the least of your work as an illustrator?
I do what I really like, which is drawing but I would like to improve my lacking skills.

5.- Why did you decide to join Twist Comics?
I saw the advertisement in a comic book store.

6.- What was the most appealing thing in the story you have drawn?
Making up the tattoos, of course.

7.- Could you explain a little about your decisions creating the main character?
Well, clearly its a story about love although a bit unusual. The thing is it was a long distance relationship and I wanted to show what she wanted on her tattoos, like the anchor.

8. – In the story, the main character doesn’t know what to do about her long distance relationship. Do you think this kind of relationship can end well?
I don’t think so. When you start spending less time with that person it’s too hard to get over it.

9. – How long did you spend making each page? How have you made them and how has been the feedback between you and scriptwriter?
Each page took me about two or three weeks, due to the long lapse of time the watercolor needs to dry.
First I drew the sketch of each panel, then I made the complete drawing with pencil. I colored them with watercolor, let them dry. Scanned them and finally fit them digitally.
The feedback with the scriptwriter was very good. We talked nearly every week about something.

10.- Which is your favorite panel? Explain it (spoiler alert)
The first one. I love how expressive it is. .

11.- What are your next projects?
Top secret!

12.- What is your most prided work?
That’s a very good question; I wouldn’t be able to choose.

13. – What comic series do you follow regularly?
Blacksad, The script and the drawing is so beautiful.
Batman, because it’s my favorite superhero
And everything Paco Roca has made.

14. – If tomorrow started the apocalypses and you
knew it, what would you like to do today?
Eat everything I could and sleep afterwards.

15. – .-What would you like to be told when you arrive to heaven or hell’s gates?
Hey, You can eat eeeeeeeeeverything you want 

16.- What’s the best advice you can give?
Practice, practice, practice If you want to be good at something, it won’t grow on a tree.

17.- If you could eliminate something from the earth, what it would be?
I think the earth is fine the way it is.

18.-What good things do you expect to happen in the next few months?
To get a more professional drawing style.




1.- How and when did you start reading comics?

I always had comics at home and before knowing how to read I used to look at the drawings and imagine the dialogues.


2.- When did you decide that you wanted to be an ilustrator?

When I was 17 years old I decided that I wanted to study Fine Arts, before that I always liked drawing but I didn’t believe that I could earn money being an artist. I’m still not really sure about it…


3.- Tell us a bit about your studies and your biggest influences.

My training is drawings constantly, reading too many comics and I suppose that the life drawing classes helped a bit. I studied Fine Arts and then Traditional and Computer Animation. About the influences, everything that inspires me to make a drawing and they are too many. Sean Gordon Murphy, Jamie Hewlett, Mike Mignola, The Sims 3 (yes, this is real).


4.- What do you most like about being and artist and what do you least like?

The thing I like the most is creating my own characters. The least, the artist´block moments, when it seems that you had forgotten how to use a pencil and you can’t draw the most simple things even if you have them really clear in your head.


5.- Why did you decide to join Twist Comics´ Webcomic Project?

I liked the idea about collaborating with a script writer and it was an opportunity of showing my art. Besides I thought it was going to help me practicing with the comics.


6.- What attacted you about the story that you have worked in?

People die.


7.- Could you explain something about your decisions when designing the main character of your story?

I tried to draw the character how I imagined the first time I read the script, three days beard, a bit taciturn and with eye circles, with an air of melancholy… He is someone that is having a bad time, but for some reason he seemed funny to me so I tried to show that. About the stripes sweater, there’s not a special reason for that, it’s just that that day I was watching a Freddy Krueger move and I said to myself: stripes.


8.- What about the comets?

I followed the instructions given by Fernando and I tried to make them playful and sinister at the same time, really agiles and with a cheeky touch. Fernando had the idea of putting eyes to them and then when I was coloring them I made them dark, I wouldn’t know how to say why, simply I followed an instinct and then I liked the result.


9.- How long did it take you to make a page, what was your process to make them and how was the communication with the script writer?

The time used is impossible to count, since the project came in a stage when I was really busy and I had to put it in a second layer, which made this process really slow. By the other hand the communication was and it still is really fluent.


10.- Which is the panel that you are most happy with?


I like the panel where the baby goes flying because of an explosion caused by the comets, not because of the results but because it was really fun drawing it.


10b.- Since the story that you drew is about the famous end of the world from a literal and personal point of view, do you think that there is too many people that regret their decisions too late when they have no remedy?

Everyone has regretted something when it’s too late at some point of their lives, but I think that the decisions you made in the past were the ones that you wanted to take in that moment, so there’s no point in regretting now because if you were your ‘you from the past’ you would make the same decision again.


11.- What are your next projects, what are you working in at the moment?

A long script with Fernando and a webcomic made by myself that I hope I will put online soon.


12.- Which is the illustration that you feel more proud of?

Although it doesn’t look good saying it, no one, because I’m the kind of person that hates every drawing he does after making them. It’s a bad habit but I can’t control completely my mind yet, I still have planned that travel to the Tibet to open my chakras.


13.- At school, who do you most learn from, teachers or students?



14.- Going back to the hobbys topic, which comic series are you regularly following?

I don’t have too many regularity to follow comic series and less to buy them, I rather the graphic novel format and the second hand ones, so I buy what I found in the shops that I think it’s cheap. Still at the moment I could say I’m following The Wake and the new 52 Batman.


15.- If you knew that tomorrow the Apocalypsis will start, what would you do today?

I’d laugh evilly and then I’d start a Star Wars trilogy. After all of that I would come back home with my family.


16.- What would you like that they say to you when you’d be received in the gates of heaven or hell?

We have been invaded by aliens.


17.- What´s the best advice you can tell?

With great power comes great responsibility.


18.- If you could erase one thing in the planet, which one would it be?

The planet itself.


19.- What good things are you waiting to happen in the next months?

I hope that Cthulhu will finally rise from the depths thanks to my summons.




I now answer you and our readership

1- Why did you choose me as artist for Twist Comics?

María Aurora Rodríguez (freaks V.0´s artist) recommended you and showed me your blog. I saw a lot of potential in your illustrations for showing facial expresions. Also, watching your short-film “The blind saw it all” I knew that you were perfect for drawing the comic “I´ll look for a job tomorrow”. Another thing that I was struck by was your “special” use of colour, I think you have a unique and interesting style.

In addition, we had a really fluid and possitive communication from the start, and I think the final result also shows it. As Buzz Lightyear said: “To infinity and beyond”.


2. The characters of the “I´ll look for a job tomorrow” story are based on real experiences. Tell us where you got the inspiration for this story.

I usually go to coffe-shops and public spaces for writing, trying to be inspired by the real world. So months ago, I was in Lesseps Square in Barcelona because it was a really sunny day, and I was just taking some notes and organizing several Twist Comics´ logistic issues in my Black Notebook while I was sunbathed. I was seated in one side of the square when some kids seated beside me and started talking in a very loud way, shouting all kind of nonsense and atrocities. Obviously, I quit what I was doing and started taking notes about what they were saying.

Therefore, for writing this story, I just had to edit my notes, change the order of what was said, to create a story with a beginning and an ending. So 90% of this story is completely true… I´ll leave you and our readers to wonder which parts I came up…


If you liked Rocio Parra´s art, you´ll be glad to know that she´s already preparing her new short comic for Twist Comics, changing the realistic topic of “I´ll look for a job tomorrow” for a Sci-Fi story.

Coming soon:

Coming soon to Twist Comics

Coming soon to Twist Comics




1.- How and when did you start reading comics?

Well, since I was very, very little, I started reading, thanks to my father, what in that time was called “tebeos”. You know, “Zipi y Zape”, “Mortadelo y Filemón”… when I grew up a bit more I felt interested by Manga, something I still like. However, little by little I’ve been adding a lot of kinds of comics, styles, etc.


2.- When did you decide to become an illustrator?

I’ve been drawing all my life. I can’t remember not to draw. Since I was very little I said I wanted to be a “draftswoman”. I even didn’t know very well what that meant as a profession, but I liked the idea to work in something I enjoyed! Later I found out that Disney movies and cartoons were moving drawings. It was such a revelation to know that the responsible of Ariel or Pocahontas movement was an artist! In that moment I decided I wanted to be the one who would draw all that.


3.- Tell us a bit about your training process and what are your main influences.

As I said, I started to draw when I was a child. When I felt interested by Manga, back when I was 14, I changed from drawing Disney girls to draw Manga girls. And I made my first crap-comic, with my cousin. We drew, by turns, a frame each. The story was pulpy but we had such a good time, mixing all the series we liked and adding romantic stuff between the characters! And I learnt a lot with that, the fact that I had to draw a single character in a lot of different poses, situations and expressions… it made me want to keep learning. Time passed, I kept drawing, changing a bit from Manga to something more European, or I should say, a mix of everything. And it was time to choose a University career. I didn’t doubt it; I wanted to do Fine Arts. That was my jump into the artistic world. Even though during University I didn’t draw too much, because it was more focused on conceptual creation, I learnt, above all, to generate ideas and to do big projects. And when I finished, I still had my dream of becoming and animation artist, so I made my suitcases and I went to Dublin, Ireland, to study 2D and 3D animation. So here I am! Now I’m in a point of doing everything: illustration, comic, animation… I don’t stop being a “draftswoman”.


4.- What do you like more and least of being an illustrator?

What I like more is that little by little I’ve been reaching what I always wanted to be. What I like least is that it costs an excessive effort to make your place in this world. It’s a too competitive and aggressive world. You have to be strong at the critiques, learn from them and try to improve, and also you have to know how to compete in a “healthy” way with friends and partners. It’s not easy for everybody.


5.- Why did you decide to join the webcomics project of Twist comics?

I thought it as a Golden opportunity to show myself and keep learning.


6.- What attracted you most from the story you have drawn?

Characters. They are the kind of guys you would find, as they are in the comic, sitting on a bank in the park passing the hangover. I’ve seen people like that very often, and truth is that inspiring on reality wasn’t difficult at all!


7.- Could you explain a bit about your decisions when you designed the main characters of your story?

Andy: This character is a letch, a bit short-minded and, as I use to say, he has “mobileitis”, which means he can’t stop using the mobile! So, even though he’s not an ugly guy, he has such lascivious eyes that he doesn’t seem attractive at all. Then, the outfit had to indicate he hasn’t a great fashion sense and he’s not very smart, but in his way, he tries look good.

Lucas: He’s a dealer from a suburb. So he has money, but no class. He buys expensive brand things, and he’s very sure of himself. So his eyes are a bit arrogant and confident at the same time. And for the outfit, on one hand I took as reference Collin Farrel in Miami Vice, but on the other hand I took reference from other dealers in real life.
Flashy guy: To be honest this is the character that took less to design. I had it clearer. A guy who doesn’t frequent good ambient, he likes to show off about his hair and his leather jacket, and getting tan.


8.-Which one was your favourite to draw and why?  

Andy, because of those funny expressions he makes when he looks at the girls!!


9.- How long has it taken in average per page and what has been your drawing process and your communication with the script writer?

Average time per page, I calculate two or three weeks. My process has been this: when I already had the characters approved, I started sketching the drafts of each page. Communication with the script writer has been really good, we decided what to add or quit, and when everything was sure, I started to draw it clean. First, in Illustrator, I made frames and bubbles. Then, in Photoshop I drew, frame by frame, first the lines and then the color. And finally I went again to Illustrator to put everything together with the texts.


10.- What frame do you feel more proud of? Explain which one and if there are any SPOILERS, we’ll warn.

Frame 1 in page 3, the party. To be honest, I really liked to change the layout, and also investigate how to do that atmosphere of color lights, crowd dancing and so on… It took me a while but I liked the results.


10b.- Your story is about the unemployment and the depression. What’s your opinion about the current situation?

It’s a very hard situation for everyone. In particular, for me, that I’m young, I see a limbo which is hard to escape from, because you’re not a student anymore and you can’t do agreements with the University to do an internship or a grant, but you don’t have enough experience to get a job. It’s a loop nightmare. So the only option is working by your own, not to stop doing things and moving a lot.


11.- What are your next projects or what are you working on right now?

I have the intention of keeping working for Twist Comics, we are now beginning the designs for a new comic. And besides that, I’ve worked with another script writer on the dossier of an animation series for children and we are trying to sell. I’m also working on the storyboards of a horror film project. Besides that, I work on my own portfolio, I make personalized orders (illustrations or portraits in different styles), I make “geek” crafts and I sell them, I’m studying a course about videogames… you know, I don’t stop!!


12.- What’s the illustration you are most proud of?

I think the last one I made (I guess it’s normal because it’s where you can see all my knowledge so far). It’s the design of the main character in the next comic, Juno. I made a character design/illustration because I wanted to work the style we are using in this comic. And I really liked the results!


13.- Coming back to likes and hobbies. What comic series you follow regularly?

Lately I’ve been too busy and I haven’t read too much comic, but as I mentioned before I’m still a Manga fan, and I read it from time to time. I’ve also read lately the comics based on the videogame Metal Gear, by Ashely Wood. I love his style. And before that, “Sin City”. But I have to admit, I follow more animation than comic.


14.- If you knew that tomorrow the apocalypses begins, what would you do today?

It depends on what kind of apocalypses we are talking about… if it’s about a zombie apocalypses, join all the possible weapons, read the manual “how to survive a zombie apocalypses” and… survive! Hahaha, no joking, I think it would be impossible to be quiet, although I think I would try to enjoy the last day of “normality” with my people.


15.- What would you like to be told when you get heaven or hell’s doors?

What are you doing here?? Go back again!!!


16.- What’s the best advice you can give?

My advice for everyone who wants to work in this is: As the situation nowadays is like this, the only thing you can do is not to lose the will, being positive and think someday things are going to improve and we’ll have more opportunities. And don’t stop working, ever; look for things to do… worst thing ever is to be passive all the time. And try to overcome yourself, constructive critiques are always good!


17.- If you could eliminate just one thing in the planet, what would it be?

I know it sounds topic, but… I would erase more than a politic if I could…


18.- What good things do you expect within the next few months?

I hope the projects I’m working on will be successful!




1.- When did you start to read comics?
Since I was a child I read typical Spanish comics like ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ and ‘Zipi y Zape’.
2.- When did you decide to become an illustrator?
Since I discovered I could live of that!
3.-Tell us a little bit about your process.
I start drawing the character on a tablet. If I like the result I leave the illustration like that. If not, I vectorize it. Then I start with the background, adding the lighting and some story Easter eggs. That’s my favorite thing. At the end I include the texts.
4.- What do you like the most about illustration? And less?
What I like the most is designing the backgrounds. I hate drawing the same static scene on different illustrations. So boring!
5.- Why did you decide to join the Twist Comics webcomic project?
The thing is I thought it was a really interesting project. I don’t think there was a thing like this before, at least in Spain.
6.- What did you like about this story you illustrated?
The character design and their corporal expressions.
7.- Could you tell us something about the design of the MAN in this story?
On the script there was a very detailed physical description of the character. Anyway I changed a few things.
8.- And the woman?
She is totally like in the script.
9.- How many times did you invest drawing a single page of the comic?
I think like a week per page once the storyboard and the corrections were ready.
10.- What’s the illustration you’re prouder?
The first page.

10b.- This story is about loneliness. Do you think there are a lot of people like the story characters in the world?
The world on it plenitude, isn’t it?
11.- What are your next projects?
Two comics, one about an Apocalypse and the other one about drug dealing.
12.- What is the commissioner work you’re prouder?
Some illustration I did for an online marketing agency. A character represents each field of expertise.
13.- Which comic series you’re into?
Now I’m reading ‘Kick Ass’, ‘Hit Girl’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ compendium edition.
14.- If you know tomorrow is the first day of the Apocalypse, what would you do now?
If it’s a zombie Apocalypse then I’ll try to find some guns. Here is not as easy as in US.
15.- What would you like to hear when you arrive at the gates of Heaven (or Hell)?
“Due to overbooking we’re gonna transfer you to first class’.
16.- What’s your best advice?
Kids, stay in school!
17.- If you could erase one thing from Earth what would it be?
Password WiFis.
18.- What would things you expect to happen next months?
I hope this project have a very great and warm welcoming, of course!